Intellectual Property:

Copyright Week 2015: a call to arms

Copyright Week – Support These Principles!

Progressive Visions for the Future of Copyright in Europe)

Fair Use Is Not An Exception to Copyright, It’s Essential to Copyright

Open Wi-Fi and Copyright: A Primer for Network Operators (EFF)

Where Copyright Fails, New Laws and Guidelines Help Secure Your Right to Tinker


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Research:

The focus on bibliometrics makes papers less useful

Proposed National Guidelines for OA to Scientific Information (Sweden)

Major HEFCE study of monographs and open access sheds light on complex issues

Merger is ‘bad news for universities’, say librarians

Monographs have to adapt to keep a place in the future

OA Monographs Resources


Open Educational Resources:

Curriki Launches New Calculus Open Educational Resources (OER) Collection, Free to Educators, School Districts


Freedom of Expression Resources:

UNESCO Toolkit for Students

Global Survey on Internet Privacy and Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression Resources (Wits LibGuide)