Dear Stakeholder

Please find the following information with respect to the processing of the Copyright and the Performers' Protection Bills.

Submissions and Hearings

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry invites interested individuals and stakeholders to submit written comments on the Copyright Amendment Bill [B13-2017] - see:

.  The purpose of the Bill is:
• To amend the Copyright Act, 1978, so as to define certain words and     expressions;
• To allow for the reproduction of copyright work;
• To provide for the protection of copyright in artistic work;
• To provide for the accreditation and registration of Collecting Societies;
• To provide for the procedure for settlement of royalties disputes;
• To allow fair use of copyright work;
• To provide for access to copyright works by persons with disabilities;
• To provide for the protection of authorship of orphan works by the State;
• To provide for the establishment of the Intellectual Property Tribunal;
• To provide for the appointment of members of the Intellectual Property Tribunal;
• To provide for the powers and functions of the Intellectual Property Tribunal;
• To provide for prohibited conduct in respect of technological protection measures;
• To provide for prohibited conduct in respect of copyright management information;
• To provide for management of digital rights;
• To provide for certain new offences; and
• To provide for matters connected therewith.

Interested individuals and groups wishing to comment are kindly requested to forward written submissions to the Committee by no later than Monday, 19 June 2017

Public hearings have been scheduled for 27, 28, 29 June 2017.

Members of the public and stakeholders, who wish to obtain copies of the legislation, may contact the nearest Government Printers or contact the Committee Secretary on the contact numbers indicated below: 
All correspondence should be addressed to Ms J Fubbs, Chairperson: PC on Trade and Industry and marked for the attention of Mr A Hermans, PO Box 15, Parliament, Cape Town, 8000.

Submissions should be forwarded to the following email address: Mr. A. Hermans at:

Enquiries may be directed to Mr A Hermans at (021) 403-3776, fax no: 0866527753 or via e-mail:

Notice Issued by: Ms J Fubbs, Chairperson: Portfolio Committee of Trade and Industry.


Please note the following:

1. The hearings scheduled for 27, 28 and 29 June would  be on both the Performers' Protection and the Copyright Amendment Bills.

2. All meetings in Parliament are open to the public, unless otherwise stated. This pertain to the briefing on 30 May 2017 and the public hearings.

3. Members of the public should use the visitors entrance in Plein Street and should have a copy of their ID, driver license  or passport to gain entry.

4. There is no limited on the number of people that may want to attend.

5. There is no need to secure a seat as it is an open meeting.

6. Please indicated whether you wish to make an oral submission as well. Please note that decision to allow for an oral submission is the Committee's and it would be base on the submission.

From: A. Hermans - 26 May 2017