Intellectual Property:

The Sad Legacy Of Copyright: Locking Up Scientific Knowledge And Impeding Progress

General Statement on Exceptions and Limitations for Libraries and Archives at WIPO SCCR 35(2017)

Update of the WIPO Study on Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives (2017 version) (K. Crews)

Scoping study on access to copyright protected works by persons with disabilities

65 out of the top 100 most-cited scientific papers are behind a paywall, with a weighted average cost of $32.33/each


Open Science & Open Data:

Promoting the Open science culture in university libraries of developing countries: case studies of the French-speaking universities of

Belgium cooperation programs in the Global South.

Open Access, Open Science

Open Data in Developing Economies - Toward Building an Evidence Base on What Works and How

New study reveals the value of open data

Presentations from the Botswana National Forum on Open Data Open Science, 30-31 October 2017


Predatory Publishing Practices:

Our Lives as Editors of a Predatory Journal: Lessons Learned Publishing a Scholarly Open Access Journal

All about Predatory Publishing

Resources on Predatory Publishing

The Open Access Interviews: Publisher MDPI – by Richard Poynder


Conference alerts:

Science Forum South Africa

7-8 December 2017 – CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa

The 13th International Conference on Open Repositories, OR2018

4-7 June 2018 - Bozeman, Montana, USA.