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Open Data

Altmetrics for Researchers

The Feedback Loop Between Open access and Altmetrics

Why the Digitization of Dissertations and Theses is Important to Researchers, Universities AND Libraries

What is the Scholarly Book of the Future? Julia Mortimer from Policy Press reflects

Major HEFCE study of monographs and open access sheds light on complex issues

How can we protect our information in the era of cloud computing

Nature Publishing Group moves to CC BY 4.0 as default for open access journals

Librarians urge publishers: get your metadata out there, everywhere

Sharing: Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age (Philippe Aigrain)(can download book)

Case Studies on OA

Open Access and Authors: Two Questions for the Future

Thinking about monographs in a world of open access

Cobweb – can the Internet be archived?


Data & Data Management:

The Dark Side Of Open Data: It's Not Only How Much You Publish, But How And Why



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