Intellectual Property:

Swiss Supreme Court: document delivery service for scientific articles

German Copyright Act Art. 38(4) 2013 -  contributions to collections (deposits in institutional repositories)

The Copyright Office Belongs in a Library (USA)

TPP Undermines User Control and That's Disastrous for Accessibility

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Open Educational Resources:

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OER Tools for Teaching/Education


Data and Data Management:

How Big Data has Transformed Research

Resources on Big Data

Open Data and the Politics of Scholarly Practice


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

SPARC Applauds Senate Committee Action on Public Access Legislation (USA)

Observatory of Cultural Policies in Africa

OA 1000+: more than 1,000 digitized publications by WZB researchers to be availabe as Open Access

Maximizing the Impact of Institutional knowledge Using DSpace


Predatory Publishing Practices

Predatory Publishing Isn’t The Problem, It’s a Symptom of Information Inequality

Beyond Beall’s List: We need a better understanding of predatory publishing without overstating its size and danger

The Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Talking Publication Ethics Transcript of 15 July 2015 show