Intellectual Property:

Copyright issues dog academics

The TPP’s Reckless Proposals For Damages Will Have Negative Impact On Future Reform Of IPR Regimes


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Libraries cheer passage of strong open access legislation in U.S. Senate

“I Won’t Lock it Down”

Publishers Slower than Librarians to Address OA Monographs

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Seal is now live on the site

Open Access Policy – Driving Access to Research

Directory of OA Scholarly Resources

Scientific Communication and the Open Society : The Emerging Paradigm of ‘Open Knowledge Production’

A quiet culture war in research libraries – and what it means for librarians, researchers and publishers


Predatory Publishing Practices:

Predatory Publishers Criticised for Unethical Unprincipled Tactics

Resources about Predatory Practices


Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct:

Policing plagiarism could make universities miss the real problems

Articles and Resources on Plagiarism