Net Neutrality:

Get ready: The FCC says it will vote on net neutrality in February

2015 :  The year the battle for Net Neutrality ends

3 Big Questions remain as Net Neutrality heads to the end game

GOP Hopes to Solve ‘Net Neutrality’ In 2015


eLearning and Open Educational Resources:

The Adoption of Open Educational Resources by One Community College Math Department

eLearning Africa Report 2041

Rebooting MOOC research

OER Resources



Uganda adopts free and open source software for e-governance


Digitisation and Preservation:

Jay Gattuso - Digital preservation in action - NDF 2014

Mapping the Digital Preservation Wilderness – What we need to know – Best Practices

Methods of Repairing Corrupted or Damaged PDFS

Digitisation Resources



Study of massive preprint archive hints at the geography of plagiarism

Plagiarism Resources


Conference alerts:

14th International Symposium of Information Science - ISI 2015 - Reinventing Information Science in the Networked Society

19-21 May 2015 – Zadar, Croatia


Call for Comments:

Commonwealth of Learning Draft Strategic Plan (2015-2021)


Conference Sponsorship

Conference sponsorship opportunity for young librarians