Predatory Publishing Practices:

More Duplication of Journal Titles and Conference Names by Predatory Publishers

Resources about Predatory Publishing Practices

Predatory Open access Journals analysed in study


Legal Deposit in South Africa:

Legal Deposit in South Africa


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Open Access Resources

Open Educational Resources

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCS)

Choose the Right Journal for your Research – Think, Check, Submit

Accredited DHET and other Reputable Publishers

The Right of No Sale: Academic Publishing is Broken and Librarians are to Blame [Medium]

About Round 2- Knowledge Unlatched Project

The Evolution of Scholarly Access and Sharing: a Summary

Why Sharing Your Research with the Public is as Necessary as Doing the Research Itself


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IFLA Agricultural Libraries Section  -Registration Open

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