Intellectual Property:

Licence Paralysis – Protect Copyright

EFF joins new global campaign to save the link

Save the Link Outreach Resources

EFF Filings to Copyright Office Highlight Unintended Consequences of the DMCA

International Day Against DRMS (6 May 2015)

Landmark Court Battle over Online Copyright (South Africa)

Europe to Harmonise Copyright Laws

Moneyweb vs Fin24 finally in court (South Africa)

Discussion Paper on Internet/Copyright Issues - A Paper to Start the Discussion on Internet-related Copyright Issues in Advance of the Copyright Act 1994 Review (New Zealand) (2015)

ARL Joins Hague Declaration for Changes to Intellectual Property Law, Equal Access to Knowledge

The Hague Declaration

Government to expand intellectual property (Zambia)

A Copyright A-Z for World Book and Copyright Day 2015


Traditional Knowledge

Draft Protection, Promotion, Development and Management of Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill published for comment

Cautious Welcome For South Africa’s Traditional Knowledge Legislation


Access for Persons with Disabilities:

Deaf community roar for recognition of sign language

Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons

Organisations support campaign for deaf awareness

Marrakesh Treaty – Implementation Guide South Africa

Hot debate on right to read Marrakesh Treaty in European Parliament plenary

Five poor excuses used to block EU Ratification of Marrakesh Treaty

EU Wrestles with Procedure for Signing Marrakesh Treaty for Visually Impaired