Happy New Year.  May 2017 be filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.

We wish to thank all publishers for their unwavering support and compliance with the Legal Deposit Act throughout 2016.  In 2017, please continue to contribute to the collection and preservation of our national documentary heritage.  

Some of the benefits of legal deposit for authors and publishers: -

  1. Deposited publications are made available to users of the Legal Deposit libraries on their premises, are preserved for the benefit of future generations, and become part of the nation's heritage.
  2. E-deposits are made accessible with certain security requirements to protect the works.
  3. Publications are recorded in the online catalogues, and become an essential research resource for generations to come.
  4. Most of the books and new serial titles are listed in the National Library of South Africa's bibliography, which is used by librarians and the book trade for stock selection. 
  5. Commercial and self-published works receive wide exposure.
  6. Publishers may approach Legal Deposit libraries for copies of their own publications which they may no longer have, but which have been preserved through legal deposit
  7. Legal deposit supports a cycle of knowledge, whereby deposited works provide inspiration and source material for new books and research that will eventually achieve publication.
  8. Publishers and authors contribute to the collection and preservation of South Africa's published cultural heritage for perpetuity. 
  9. Availability of all South African publications in Legal Deposit libraries provides a 'marketing tool' to promote authors' works to readers (particularly new works and new authors).
  10. By depositing their work, publishers contribute to nation building and social cohesion.

​For further information, see: http://libguides.wits.ac.za/c.php?g=145508&p=952827

If you have any queries or need additional information, please contact the Legal Deposit Coordinator, Mr. Harry Nkadimeng at Tel. (012) 401 9716; via Fax (012) 325 5984 or E-mail: harry.nkadimeng@nlsa.ac.za