Apologies for the incorrect information given about the SANB information sheet in our newsletter of 17 May 2016 and for any inconvenience caused.  

The correct procedure for publishers to deposit material in legal deposit libraries is as follows:-


A.  National Library of South Africa (NLSA), Pretoria:

Please complete and include the SANB Information Sheet when depositing material with the NLSA (this sheet is not for the other legal deposit libraries)

Upon receipt of the deposited material, NLSA staff will date stamp the sheet, add a signature and then return a copy to the publisher to acknowledge receipt of the deposited material. 


B.  The Other Legal Deposit Libraries:

Please send emails to the other legal deposit libraries, when depositing material with them. (Please do not send the SANB Information Sheet).

The relevant library is encouraged to acknowledge receipt to the                   publisher via email.