Intellectual Property:

SA parliament's trade, industry committee adopts reports Copyright, Performers bills

Tearing down myths around the South African Copyright Amendment Bill

SANEF Celebrates the Inclusion of The “Fair Use” Principle in the SA Copyright Amendment Bill

US delegation circulates a new paper on the WIPO Broadcast treaty

Cautionary Tales About Collective Rights Organizations, Part 2

A Treaty on Copyright Exceptions and Limitations  for Educational and Research Activities (Tera)

Authors Alliance’s Statement at WIPO SCCR 36 (2018) on limitations and exceptions

Upload Filters and Art. 13 : The Latest EU Proposals


Fake Research/Predatory Publishing Practices:

How AI Is Tackling Fake Academic Research That Is Plaguing Scientific Community

The business of fake science

Wellcome Trust’s Open access policy 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

Download Famous Art in High Resolution

Stop Limiting your Audience: The Benefits and Challenges of Open Access Publishing

The Open-Access System of Journals and Its Use by Russian Scientists According to the Statistics of Web of Science (2008–2017)

Open access institutional repositories in universities in East Africa

Are mega-journals a publication outlet for lower quality research? A bibliometric analysis of Spanish authors in PLOS ONE

The New Dimensions in Scholcomm: How a Global Scholarly Community Collaboration Created the World’s Largest Linked Research Knowledge System

The OA Interviews: Arul George Scaria

How to add a Creative Commons Licence to your publications

New release of COCI: 450M DOI-to-DOI citation links now available


Open Science/Open Research:

Jon Tennant: Open Science is just science done right

ARL, Wikimedia, and Linked Open Data: Draft White Paper Open for Comments through November 30


Access and Disabilities:

Working with deaf patrons

SA is failing deaf and hard-of-hearing learners: Can a bilingual model of education be the solution to acquiring literacy?

Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons

Countries that have ratified the Marrakesh Treaty to date