Compliments and everything of the best for 2019!

Intellectual Property:

United States: The Enrichment Of The Public Domain

Public Domain Day: Copyrighted Works from 1923 Become Public Domain January 1st, 2019

Making Progress: Welcome Vote in South African Parliament on Copyright for Libraries

Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore 

Thirty-Eighth Session 2018 – Webcasting

Copyright Week:  Day 2:  Out of Hand? Libraries, eBook ownership and Lending

#Copyrightweek – Silencing The Voices: © The New Weapon of Choice

A Nazi Romance Movie Versus Memes: When Copyright Shuts Down Criticism

India: Owner Of The Artworks Created By AIs


Internet Regulation:

Internet Regulation : Part I: Internet Censorship in the UK Today

The Internet is Facing a Catastrophe For Free Expression and Competition: You Could Tip The Balance


eBooks and eLending:

What’s Up with eLending?

eLending Project


Open Access, A2K & Scholarly Communication:

Editorial Mutiny at Elsevier Journal

Should authors pay to submit their papers?

Plan T: Scrap APCs and Fund Open Access with Submission Fees

Knowledge Unlatched will double number of Open Access titles from 2018 collections to 700 new books


Open Data/Open Science:

A Huge Win for Open Data in the United States

Module 1: Open Principles – Open Science MOOC