Intellectual Property:

SA Copyright Amendment Bill  - Resources on the CAB debate: all the links you need! (with comments at end)

Resources on the Bill, Fair Use, etc.

Common Examples of Fair Use, and Myths about Fair Use

Code of Best Practices For Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries (ARL)

The 5th Global Congress on IP & the Public Interest (2018)


Open Access, Scholarly Communication & A2K Issues:

Democratising Knowledge: a report on the scholarly publisher, Elsevier

Where is the Publication Puck Going? Making Research Available “Upstream” of Publication

Open Access for Monographs: Small Steps along a difficult Path

Hundreds of extreme self-citing scientists revealed in new database

The science that’s never been cited

Major Distraction – School Dumps iPads, Returns to Paper Textbooks

More than 700 German Research Institutions Strike Open Access Deal with Springer/Nature

Guest Post — The Future of FAIR, as Told by the Past


Conference Alerts:

SPARC Open Access 2019

2-6 December 2019 – Cape Town, South Africa


The 12th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference (QQML2020)

26-30 May 2020 - Barcelona, Spain